• “We unlocked millions in savings per shareholder thanks to CapGains’ proactive and continuous approach to helping us navigate our business around QSBS hazards, many of which I didn’t know existed. This is a must-have vendor for any startup or investor to maximize the value of their equity."

    Alex P.
    CEO, Series B Startup
    Digital Payments

  • “CapGains helped us to circumvent pesky QSBS obstacles (e.g. stock redemptions and working capital requirements), including eligibility-ruining tripwires within the code I had never heard of . . . despite successfully claiming this exemption in the past"

    Grace S.
    Founder, Series A Startup
    Deep Tech

  • “CapGains Premium Report is the best product I’ve ever seen to build the confidence necessary to claim the exemption as individual taxpayers. And it was roughly a tenth of the cost we were quoted from our law firm for their “Opinion Letter”

    Dustin S.
    CFO, Recently IPO’d

  • “CapGains’ approach to continuous monitoring removes the hassle from maintaining QSBS eligibility. I genuinely don’t know how folks managed this prior to their service.”

    Sarah R.
    CEO, Pre-Seed Startup
    Life Sciences

  • “CapGains unlocked more than a million in savings for 100’s of employees at our company. Can’t thank them enough for all of the compliance heavy lifting”

    William C.
    Founder, Series C


Today’s small businesses power tomorrow’s economy.

The US Government wants to reward these risk-seeking and job-creating entrepreneurs and investors with incentives which exempt them (and other early shareholders) from various state and federal taxes. However, without the tools and resources to properly manage the endless pitfalls and tripwires which jeopardize eligibility, these powerful exemptions can be lost.

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